The conference welcomes papers on any aspect of occupational safety. Nevertheless, we especially want to encourage papers, which address questions on the changing patterns of work environment and design of accident prevention strategies, in the following areas of safety:


Occupational risks related to new technologies and changes in the work environment.
Risk assessment
Cost of accidents and insurance cover for occupational hazards.
Methodologies for occupational safety prevention

   -Innovation for the application of safety standards

   -Tools for the investigation of accidents or near-misses

   -Inherent safety

   -Safety management systems

   -Good practices in large companies and SME’s

   -Occupational safety in specific industries (e.g. construction industry, metal industry,  

    transportation etc)

   -Occupational safety for specific work groups (workers with disabilities etc)

   -Evidence based safety

   -Possibilities and difficulties arising from the application of new

    legislation and regulations (e.g. REACH)

   -Risk prevention and emergency response for occupational and public safety, related to

    transportation, natural disasters, major hazard industries, health care facilities,

    entertainment activities

   -Occupational safety in countries with low level implementation of safety measures

Roles and responsibilities in occupational safety. This includes the role of the safety engineer, corporate social responsibility and the trade unions’ role.
Integration of courses on safety in education, innovative training and educational tools, safety culture.


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